Stories from the Babysits community

This website is very easy to use. We found our babysitter (Melanie) through this site and we're really happy with her. She gets along really well with our daughter.

Nora, Berlin

Great way to earn money without being able to speak German! Lots of international families and I found a great family with two daughters to babysit for.

Maxwell, Frankfurt

Nice platform, very easy to navigate and filter according to my preferences. Already found a babysitter and now looking for another one. Will definitely make use of Babysits again!

Dianne (42), Berlin

I was looking for a way to earn money while studying in Berlin and found Babysits. It's a great, uncomplicated platform and I found many families in my neighbourhood. I have now been babysitting for one of them for a few weeks already and I will definitely keep on looking for more work on Babysits.

Karen (23), Berlin